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Kristin Mills JIPSI Collection


JIPSI Collection is the lovechild of Kirstin Mills. Kirstin grew up in a small country town in Germany. Inspired by many family holidays starting from a very young age, Kirstin decided she wanted to discover more of this world. She left Germany nearly 15 years ago and since then has lived in Malaysia, Switzerland, Bali and Australia, where Bali had been her home for nearly a decade and she is now producing her jewelry.  

In 2017 she moved to Australia with her husband to start a family life, however parts of her heart are still in Bali.

Once Kirstin moved, she knew she wanted to stay connected with the island, its spirituality & its people and combined that with her passion for jewellery. Kirstin's focus is to share her own encounters with spirituality and the deeper meaning of life with other women whilst supporting Balinese families. 

The core business of JIPSI Collection are her Dream Pendants. These pendants are like a safe deposit box for your hopes, dreams and prayers.


Kirstin was inspired to these special pendants by the Balinese prayer boxes, however she decided to give her pieces a modern twist and make them an everyday wearable accessory.  

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